Purpose and Career Wellbeing

The evolution of the workforce and workplace is demanding for individuals and businesses to understand their purpose and how it connects to career well-being.

We have heard the phrase “ Quiet Quitting”.  Many years leaders and businesses have struggled with individuals within the workplace who opt to perform only one’s assigned duties or is not mentally invested in work.   However,  “Quiet Quitting”… Is it just a catchphrase? Has this been a part of the complicated people strategy elements ignored within businesses that often lead to growth, development, and forward motion barriers? We can talk about putting the right people in the right seats. Of course, it is always amazing to find candidates that are going to make an impact. It doesn’t stop there though. The journey only just begins with hiring great people. Connecting their purpose and career well-being is crucial to retention, performance, and organizational growth.

There are lots of inspiring organizational purposes, often in the form of a statement. However, businesses still struggle with creating consistent programs to keep people connected to that purpose.  According to Korn Ferry research, “one survey found that while 82% of U.S. workers affirmed the importance of purpose, only 42% said their company’s stated purpose had any real impact.”

More than ever, we are pushed strongly to evaluate why we are doing what we are doing to keep those great people in those seats and maintain a high net promoter score.  As Socrates reminds us, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”  The survival of our well-being as an individual and a business is based on our purpose. Therefore, in my opinion the “Quiet Quitting” buzzword is more than just jargon but a reminder that we must ensure our people and purpose strategies must be addressed because people are demanding more of themselves, others, and their environments.  Their purpose is integrated strongly into their career wellbeing.

Dimensions to foster a Purpose-Oriented environment:


1.Employee Self-acceptance & Autonomy

Address strengths, weaknesses, and personal vision with a positive mindset. The ability to resist social pressures and act in accordance with our personal values.


2.Positive Relations with Others

Understand others’ perspectives and cultivate compassionate, trusting, interdependent relationships Extending acceptance to others, with appreciation, empathy, compassion, kindness, and care.


Evaluate and measure the cultivation of curiosity and shared knowledge; Understand and utilize opportunities around us in the world.


4.Purpose in Life

Direct vision with intention and pursue meaningful goals that look forward to the future.


5.Personal & Professional Growth

Open and honest discussions to seek continuous development of new challenges and experiences within the workplace. Not dismissing abilities as simply what they are today, but having a growth mindset, the capacity to develop and improve.

All these dimensions build upon one another. The purpose and career well being are connected and all stakeholders understand and appreciate the journey and path to oneness. The “ why”, “what”, and “how” are resolved to make the greatest impact. We must proactively tap into the motivational and inspirational drivers of oneself, an individual, and a team.

Purpose supports hope, resilience, and intrinsic motivation in a constant fast-changing environment. It informs our choices. Purpose oriented environments help all to recognize unique talents and use them for greater influence and self-fulfillment.

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