Assessment Solutions

Our assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of the “full person,” delivering objective, reliable data to confidently hire, manage, and retain high-performing employees. These insights empower you to make informed decisions and secure the best talent for your organization.

Why choose our assessments?

  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and reduce turnover.
  • Establish an efficient hiring and selection process.
  • Assess all jobs consistently, minimizing the impact of bias.
  • Improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.
  • Identify talent gaps and focus on leveraging employee strengths.

How Does It Work?

  • Create benchmark for success.
  • Asses for job fit.
  • Receive Actionable Data: thinking style, behavioral traits, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and interests.

Our comprehensive “full person” assessment(s) measure how well a candidate fits specific jobs in an organization by assessing four key areas that help predict future job success:

  • Behavioral Traits
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interests

    1.Reduce Turnover

    ZC Consulting applies data-driven Insights that drastically decrease employee attrition.

    We leverage our robust hiring assessments to make intelligent talent choices, resulting in a significant reduction in turnover within your organization.

    Choosing the wrong talent is costly. High turnover can consume up to 30% (or more!) of an employee’s first-year salary and undermines your organization’s success.

    People are leaving their jobs in large numbers.
    Improving workplace culture and emotional intelligence are the keys to protecting your business from this trend. Gallup and Forbes research report these statistics: 


    of employees are not engaged in the workplace.


    annual productivity loss per person based on average US salary.
    Data based on research from Gallup and Forbes


    average productivity loss for 50 employees per year.

    Measuring employee engagement is paramount to improving every other metric important to your business. See the data for yourself and let us develop a plan for your organization.

    2. Select Job Fit

    Making the wrong talent decision hurts. It impacts employee morale, productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line. PXT Select™, Genos EI,  and ProfileXT® are the best job-fit tools that help you select the best candidates based on their core characteristics and what your organization needs.

    Helping You Select the Right Candidate For Every Role is our specialty.  

    We interpret the data from screening into simple and practical insights for you. It is our pledge to bring you objective information you need to confidently hire, select, and engage employees.

    Make Talent Decisions with Confidence—Every Time

    Whether you are hiring remote or in person, these assessments will give your organization objective, reliable, and accurate data so you can confidently hire, manage, and retain productive employees.

    With the right people working in the right roles and developed to their full potential, your organization can build and keep an engaged a high-performing workforce that drives results.

    3. Replicate Top Sales Performers

    Hire the Best Sales Talent Backed by Data

    Powerful insights to help you identify and develop top sales talent

    As a business owner or hiring manager, you are well aware that hiring underperforming salespeople can have catastrophic consequences for your organization. The Sales Reports offer potent insights to pinpoint and cultivate sales talent, fostering a rewarding journey for both sales professionals and their employers.

    Our tools are unique selection assessments that fills the gap between the resume and the interview.

    The Sales Reports help identify an individual’s approach to the following eight critical sales practices:

    • Prospecting
    • Initiating contact
    • Building and maintaining relationships
    • Closing the sale
    • Self-starting
    • Resourcefulness
    • Coachability
    • Working with a team

    4.Emotional Intelligence

    ZC Consulting will be your partner in interpreting the raw data to make the right decisions.

    Emotions drive business success. We specialize in assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence. Our personal emotional intelligence, including the ability to regulate, express, perceive, and influence emotions, profoundly impacts relationships and business outcomes. It fuels critical thinking, decision-making, teamwork, and leadership prowess. Individuals with high emotional intelligence excel in roles that demand social interaction and relationship building. For those seeking growth, accurate feedback is the catalyst to enhance emotional competence through sustained effort.

    5. Discover New Generation of Leaders: Building a Pipeline of New Leaders

    Assessments That Select and Develop Exceptional Leaders

    ZC Consulting helps you gain invaluable insights into a candidate’s leadership potential to build a strong pipeline.

    The Leadership Report gives you insight into an individual’s leadership potential and style. It measures how their thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests influence six essential leadership skills.

    • Being approachable
    • Developing strategies
    • Ensuring results
    • Inspiring people
    • Creating a vision
    • Mentoring others

    They comply with the EEOC and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures established by the US Department of Labor. These guidelines ensure that our assessments are appropriate for workforce decision-making because they reduce bias and are fair to all groups.

    Assessments that are fair and unbiased give everyone an equal opportunity to perform and, by extension, an equal opportunity for employment selection based in part on assessment results.

    We recommend that the assessment serves as no more than one-third of the ultimate hiring decision and that similar weight is given to other steps in the entire selection process.

    Following fairness study guidelines, our sample group included thousands of applicants across all ages, genders, and ethnicities. These studies determined that hiring decisions using our assessments are not adversely impacting the placement decision for any individual.

      Some Assessment Tools We Use:

      • 360 Degree Feedback
      • Employee Engagement Survey
      • Pulse Survey
      • Leadership Self Only Report  
      • Leadership Feedback 180 Report  
      • Leadership Feedback 360 Report  
      • Workplace EI Self Report  
      • Workplace EI 180 Report                  
      • Workplace EI 360 Report               
      • Selection Report                  
      • Emotional Culture Index                  
      • Sales EI Self Report                  
      • Sales EI 180 Report
      • Sales EI 360 Report

      Paired with its job-matching feature, our assessment(s) enable organizations to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to perform a job successfully. Available in over 30 languages.

      Standard reports: Selection, Coaching, Multiple Candidates, Multiple Positions, Individual, Performance Model, Manager/Employee, Sales, Team, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership

      WE can help you:

      • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and reduce turnover
      • Establish an efficient hiring and selection process
      • Assess all jobs consistently, minimizing the impact of bias
      • Improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention
      • Identify talent gaps and focus on leveraging employee strengths

      6. Microlearning for You & Your Staff on the Go

      Grow is an on-demand learning platform that helps people develop their emotional intelligence. You have access to GROW for 6-12 months.

      GROW has been built on the science of behavior change that is enduring and has impact. Tiny changes that will add up to remarkable results!  This science has shown that we are…

      • 10% likely to show behavioral improvement from hearing an idea. Accordingly, for each of the behaviors of emotional intelligence GROW presents you with development tips to help stimulate your thinking on what to do.
      • 25% likely to show behavioral improvement from deciding to do something. GROW will invite you to choose between 1 and 3 of the behaviors presented.
      • 40% likely to show behavioral improvement if we also decide when we are going to do it.
      Accordingly, GROW will invite you to identify a timeframe for improvement of the behaviors you select to develop and remind you, via email nudges, to engage in the actions you set.
      50% likely to show behavioral improvement if we also plan how we are going to do it. With this we’ll help you create a plan that includes What you are going to do? When you are going to start and finish? and Who you are going to demonstrate your plan to? To help you with this plan you’ll see Development Tips and Coaching questions to help stimulate your thinking.

      65% likely to show behavioral improvement if you also tell someone what we are going to do. In GROW we ask you to identify who you are going to implement your plan with. Optionally you can add their email address if you’d like them to receive a copy of your plan.

      95% likely to show behavioral improvement, if we set up a time to report back on our development. With this, at the end of each action plan GROW will ask you to report back on how well your development went and what outcomes you’ve achieved via short survey questions.

      Tiny changes that will add up to remarkable results!

      The above information was drawn from a 2009 Global Study conducted by the American Society of Training and Development.

      Not sure which assessment fits your needs?