Let’s all Finish Strong

Striving to finish strong can bring about struggles for teams and organizations. Positive reminders to continue to build momentum and combat emerging unproductive behaviors from staff are critical as we finish the year.

The seven keys to building a team to finish strong include: Breaking down measurable goals, resurging commitment to goals, and creating a people-oriented culture with consistent purpose. Everyone needs to be focused. Effective communication, patience, and holding firm to integrity are necessities. Driven decisions, the strategic pairing of accountability with partners, and individual and organizational reflections and improvement are all keys to finishing strong.

Leaders keep a pulse and actively combat behavioral changes, whether it is because of the loss of focus; loss of energy; loss of confidence; or loss of commitment to the goal. Continuously being a positive reminder to all will create a culture of responsibility to finish strong.



Breaking down goals into small bites weekly will help you celebrate small victories. It is amazing what changes when we commit to success.



Purpose directs the path to your goal; without a purpose, it becomes easy to drift.



Every growth opportunity brings about challenges. Patience equips a space for others to think and believe deeply in their accomplishments. Choose your thoughts, your words, and your actions carefully.



Build momentum by being consistent and building accountability partners/mentor teams.


Assess and reflect on past achievements and apply the lessons to the last phase of your present pursuit.

Focus efforts on strengths and become an even greater team to finish strong. Faith and purpose lead us to chase the greatness God desires for us.

When we do not finish strong, it is more than the loss of business revenue and value, but also the ability to be a difference maker. You have the ability, choice, and power to finish strong with the Grace of GOD!

As leaders, we must cultivate an environment that helps our people finish strong. Doing so benefits our people and our business.

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