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Common Questions

1. Why ?

We want to help you identify, retain, recruit, and develop high potential within your company! Our purpose is to help and empower leaders and teams to achieve their full potential and success by fostering collaboration, growing their authentic selves, communication, and trust. We believe that when leaders and teams work together effectively and hone in on the strengths of each individual person they can accomplish great things and reach their goals.

At ZC Consulting, we believe that everyone deserves access to fulfilling work opportunities that contribute to their personal growth and the greater good. We want to help social impact and faith-based clients achieve their mission by developing and connecting them with the right talent and supporting them in building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Turning mission and intentions into actions! We believe by helping these leaders and businesses to work more effectively and efficiently, we can have a greater impact on the communities they serve.

2. How ?

We achieve our purpose by providing customized coaching, staffing, and developmental programs/services that help and empower socially responsible businesses improve their teamwork, communication, and collaboration. We achieve our purpose by providing customized coaching and leadership solutions that help leaders and teams identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve communication and collaboration, and develop effective problem-solving skills. We also work with teams to create a culture of feedback and continuous improvement to help them to align their values with their actions.

Additionally, we supply personalized staffing and consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each social impact client while providing ongoing support to both the client and the new hire to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success.

3. Outcomes
Our tangible outcomes include improved organizational team performance, recruitment and retention of high potential talent, increased productivity, enhanced stakeholder engagement and accountability. We measure our success by the results our clients achieve, including increased team success, increased recruitment of  high potential talent and decrease of turnover, improved and stronger

stakeholder relationships, and greater community impact. By leveraging our expertise in staffing and coaching, we help our clients build high-performing teams aligned with their mission and values. We want to help social impact clients achieve their mission by connecting them with the right talent and supporting them in building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The greatest outcome for leadership and team coaching is to help individuals and teams develop the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best and achieve their goals. Some specific outcomes that leadership and team coaching may aim to achieve include:

1. Enhanced leadership skills: Coaching can help leaders identify and develop their strengths, as well as address areas where they may need improvement, resulting in more effective leadership. Coaching assessments can help identify areas where leaders need to improve their skills or knowledge and provide recommendations for training or development.

2. Improved team performance: Coaching can help teams work together more effectively, improve communication, and develop a shared sense of purpose and vision, leading to improved productivity and performance.
Assessments can help identify areas of conflict within a team and provide recommendations for resolving those issues and improving team cohesion.

3. Increased self-awareness: Coaching can help individuals and teams become more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as how their behavior impacts others, leading to greater personal and professional growth.

4. Innovative problem-solving & critical thinking skills: Coaching can help individuals and teams develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling them to identify and address challenges more effectively.

5. Better decision-making: Coaching can help individuals and teams develop the skills and knowledge needed to make better decisions, resulting in better outcomes for the organization. Assessments can help identify areas where teams or leaders may be making decisions that are not in the best interest of the organization and provide recommendations for improving decision-making processes.

6. Elevate effective communication skills: Coaching and Assessments can help identify communication gaps and provide recommendations for improving communication between team members and leaders.

Ultimately, the greatest outcome of leadership and team coaching is one
that leads to meaningful improvements in the individuals’ and teams’ performance, productivity, and overall success.

4. Who is Zándra Bishop?

Zándra Bishop is a mother of a large family in Texas who prides herself on learning continuously, serving as the best disciple she can with the gifts she given, and uses her expertise to help others achieve their desired goals.

Her family is amazing, thriving, supportive and most importantly, loving. Zándra’s faith encompasses all aspects of her life. She has learned it is critical for her to be an effective momentum- maker leader. This stems from being able to have a life of harmony of professional and personal dynamics.

Zándra holds a Doctor of Business Management in Business and Organizational Leadership plus a Master’s in Business Management and Human Resources Management. Her professional certifications include Mindful Leadership from the Institute for Organizational Mindfulness; Hogan Assessment from Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc.; DISC assessment from John Maxwell Leadership; TeamSight/Style of Influence from TeamSight, Inc.; Volunteer Administration from the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration; and Full Online Teaching and Learning with Adjunct Program Certifications from Lonestar College.

You can also review her LinkedIn Page:

Learn more about Zándra Bishop

5. What are our deliverables?

At our core, we believe that strong teams are the foundation of any successful organization. Our services are designed to help your team reach its full potential, identify, retain, and develop high potential staff, and enhance team performance to achieve your goals.

Our process is designed to be psychologically safe, collaborative, engaging, and focused on results. Considering the expenses involved in hiring and onboarding, reduced productivity, lost revenue, and the harm to the organization’s reputation, the cost of hiring the wrong person or lack of intentional development can be exorbitant.  We also understand the critical need for succession planning is not one-size-fits-all or a one-time event. We plan for leadership change at every level. We help close the gaps!

We coach individuals to close any gaps in individual roles, and work with departments to make sure your organization is efficient and effective at every level.

Team Coaching- 6 months to 12 months

Here is What You Will Get:

  • Online or Hybrid- for your convenience ( video, team coaching, 1:1, and team activities)
  • 1 monthly 1-1 Session
  • 2-hour Team Monthly Session
  • Confidential & Safe environment
  • Assessment of team dynamics and areas for improvement
  • Development of a customized coaching plan for the team
  • Regular progress reports on the team’s development and performance
  • Recommendations for team-building activities and exercises
  • Facilitation of team meetings and discussions

Leadership Solutions- 90 Day Intensive Training Program

Here is What You Will Get:

  • Exclusive Access to the Momentum Makers Program Learning Portal/ Library
  • Online or Hybrid- for your convenience ( video, team coaching, 1:1, and team activities)
  • Comprehensive assessment of each leader’s or People Manager ( can include manager) strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Identification of leadership potential and development needs
  • Recommendations for leadership development programs and training
  • Creation of personalized development plans for each leader
  • Regular progress reports on each leader’s development

Succession Planning- 6-12 months

Here is What You Will Get:

  • Online or Hybrid- for your convenience ( video, team coaching, 1:1, and team activities)
  • Comprehensive assessment of each leader’s or People Manager ( can include manager)  strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching Sessions up to 6 months
  • Analysis of the organization’s current leadership structure and potential gaps
  • Identification of high-potential employees who could be developed as future leaders
  • Creation of a succession plan that outlines key positions and potential successors
  • Development of training and development programs for potential successors
  • Regular review and revision of the succession plan to ensure it remains relevant and effective


Some People I’ve Worked With

Ed Fry

Ed Fry

President/CEO at FaithSearch Partners, Inc.

We were blessed to work with Za’ndra for three years. She managed a division which saw record growth in 2022. She is diligent, hardworking and conscientious.

Perry G. Hines

Independent Board Director | Former C-Suite Executive (CMO) | Entrepreneur | Nonprofit Fundraising Executive

Zandra is the ultimate professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her throughout the national CEO search process. As a candidate interacting mainly with the firm, Zandra provided helpful insights and recommendations that proved to be invaluable to me as I navigated the process and became the new CEO. Candid, honest and insightful is how I would describe her approach and style.

Garland R. Hunt Sr.

Senior Pastor, The Father’s House (Atlanta Area) Norcross Ga.

Zándra, is an exceptional talent and creative genius. She has extreme abilities to discern situations and problem, solve accurately. In my work with Zándra, I found her to be very conscientious and dependable,
Her business acumen is off the charts. There are very few people I give a recommendation with no reservation. Zándra is clearly the cream of the crop.

Melissa Allen

Elementary Principal at Cypress Christian School

Z`andra listens to her clients and works to meet their needs. She understands the market and provides her clients with great insight. My experience with Z`andra was outstanding as she went above and beyond in every aspect.

Melanie Freiberg

HR Director at World Vision

In recent months I had the pleasure of working with Zandra to fill an executive position at World Vision. Zandra was extremely focused on our needs and led a very thorough search process that resulted in her presenting strong candidates to us. She is very organized, responsive, flexible and efficient. She provided great insights and partnered well with us. We are very pleased with the individual we selected.

One of the coach

Jeffrey D. Potts, Ed.D.

Cypress Christian School

Dr. Zandra Bishop is an extremely talented professional with the utmost integrity. She is extremely well connected to the right individuals. She works hard and delivers on what she commits to doing. I have sought out her expertise multiple times and will continue to do so in the future!

Merry Melody Maravillas

Chief Financial Officer

Zandra helped us recruit for several key positions in the organization, where it was crucial that we find the right candidate. She had a deep appreciation and understanding of our needs, values and mission. As such, she was able to provide a slate of qualified candidates. The candidates, who we eventually hired, are performing well and continue to stay with the organization for several years now which is testament to her ability to find us a good match.

Andy Lehman, CCNL

Vice President at Lifesong for Orphans

“Working with Za’ndra Bishop has been a phenomenal experience! She is incredibly insightful, very talented, highly intuitive, a strategic thinker, fantastic communicator within complex and challenging circumstances. She swiftly understands clients needs, clients unique ethos and excels in accomplishing goals!”