Product Catalog

I. Leadership Team Development

Leadership team development is increasingly challenging as leaders are expected to handle complex and contradictory demands. They must balance present execution with future planning while addressing multiple stakeholders’ needs. Effective leadership team development involves strategic role identification, selection of skilled team members, proactive development, and real-world training to prepare leaders for success.

II. Succession Planning

Leadership changes can be disruptive. Succession planning ensures smooth transitions. We provide a range of services to support your organization, including designing, improving, and implementing emergency and long-term succession plans to build a strong talent pool. Provide clients with quantifiable data and a roadmap to help make well-informed decisions, get their house in order, and identify key people that are needed as part of their plan. Then help make sure the key people are achieving their performance metrics.

III. 360 Degree Feedback

Feedback your employees will love! Provide your staff with easy-to-read and actionable 360˚ feedback to help support their development and help their reach untapped potential.

IV. Microlearning for You & Your Staff on the Go: Personalized On demand EQ Development and Meditation

Microlearning for leaders and employees, encompassing emotional intelligence, meditation, results-focused learning, accountability, and action planning over a six-month period, offers a unique opportunity for continuous professional growth. This approach provides leaders and employees with the flexibility to engage in regular, bite-sized learning sessions that focus on enhancing emotional intelligence, fostering stress reduction through meditation, and promoting a results-oriented mindset.

V. Coaching

  1. Individual
    • Frequency: One-hour coaching sessions weekly


2. Group

    • 8-12 per group
    • Frequency: 90-minute sessions monthly

VI. Assessments Tools

ZC Consulting provides tools for improving performance in both leaders and their employees. Designed to create genuine and lasting professional development, offering a clear route to individual and organizational success.

  • Provides strategic self-awareness
  • Identifies and develops high-potential employees
  • Grows productivity through behavior change
  • Analyzes team strengths, weaknesses, and values
  • Measures ability to learn from past experience
  • Creates actionable and results focused development plans

VII. Expert-led Skill-based Programs and Workshops

Engage our experienced trainers and facilitators to optimize your team and leadership development needs. With a deep understanding of talent strategy, employee engagement, career pathway development, career coaching, succession planning, and workplace dynamics, our experts deliver tailored half-day, full-day, and lunch and learn sessions.

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