Momentum Maker Program

Implementing Your Succession Planning Roadmap: Our three-phase approach to ensure a seamless transition:

Plan for the Future

– Determine the scope of succession planning: C-suite, management, or all employees?

– Identify high-potential workers or broaden the pool of talent.

– Define critical skills and experience for key roles, aligning with the company’s future direction.

– Evaluate HR software for succession planning tools and implementation.

– Assess employee performance and identify skill gaps for future roles.

– Engage in career discussions to align employee goals with potential roles.

– Establish training and mentoring opportunities to develop and close skill gaps for top talent.

– Collaborate with key stakeholders to create a succession candidate list.

Regular Review and Adaptation:

– Assess top talent every nine to 15 months, especially during leadership changes.

– Address obstacles to development, such as mentoring or leadership opportunities.

– Incorporate succession plans into annual strategic planning for alignment.

– Remain flexible with the succession planning list, adjusting as goals evolve or development stalls.

Benefits of Succession Planning:

– Adapting to demographic changes and addressing talent scarcity.

– Identify and bridge skill gaps through targeted training.

– Retain institutional knowledge in a knowledge-driven economy.

– Boosting morale and employee retention through investment in their growth.

– Preparing to replace unique or highly specialized competencies within the organization.

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